Work package number: 
Work package title: 
Exploitation & Standardisation
  • To develop a procedure/model for formal transformation of created models (WP4 and WP5) into standards
  • To develop concepts for service provisioning models.

The Workpackage is aimed at:

  • Supporting the use of standards by liaising with Standardisation Organisations (SO)
  • Identifying and pursuing opportunities for the results of EPISECC in on-going standardisation activities
  • Investigate new exploitation opportunities (i.e. new service provision methods) made available by the EPISECC results and the CIS in particular

Technical Approach taken in WP9

WP9 is arranged in two main tasks:

Task 9.1 – Standardisation

  • The EPISECC team will tighten the contacts with relevant standardisation organisations and will cooperate with them actively.
  • It is the declared aim of the project to bring the results of the EPISECC project (taxonomies and concept of common information space) as new proposals into standardisation in the area of information management in crisis and disaster management.


  • Become members of Standardisation Organisation and follow their work closely
  • Identify elements from WP4 and WP5 that may become parts of the Standardisation precedures (e.g. as Technical Reports and Specialist Working Groups)

Task 9.2 – Exploitation & Service Provisioning

  • This task will investigate how the results of EPISECC could be commercially exploited and how the implemented interoperability tools may lead to the identification of new ways of providing services to organisations involved in Emergency Management.
  • The assumptions will be verified with end-users and this process will allow identifying further needs that should be addressed before full interoperability comes into practice.


  • The results of WP4, WP5 and WP6 will be used for identifying possible new solutions and services.
  • Interviews with users and Emergency providers will be organised.