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Proof of concept & Validation

This work package should validate and prove, that all assumptions in WP4 (Taxonomy and Ontology model) and WP5 ( Architecture of common information space) give a helpful answer to the persisting problems resulting from inventory (WP2) and that the suggestions of taxonomy and common information space are self-contained, are self-consistent and are suitable to be the base for further inprovement in standardisation and legislative regulations.

The following main aspects of our proposal will be validated by proof of concept:

  • Good practices learned from analysis of the past disasters.
  • Taxonomy of events, processes, data sets, management tools and business models
  • Building reliable networks in disasters communications
  • Informational Interoperability by providing a wide range of information from existing information systems.
  • Operational interoperability by demonstrating common work flows between different entities and different countries in special emergency tasks.
  • Management and organizational aspects of information sharing and communication systems including social and ethic dimensions.