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Pan European Inventory of events/disasters, considering time dimension

The general objectives of this work package is to create a comprehensive, pan-European inventory. In particular, this work package will:

  • develop an architecture of the inventory
  • design, technically set up and maintain a data base for the inventory and
  • integrate the investigated information in the database.

Technical Approach: Development process of EPISECC inventory database

Achievements, Highlights and Key Results of the WP 3


  • Del 3.1: Description of method and data sets for the pan-European inventory of disasters – technical requirements for development of the inventory, relevant areas and fields of information
  • Del 3.2: Description of the architecture of the pan-European inventory of disasters – Architecture of the inventory, information units on disasters, key indicators, data model, questionnaire
  • Del 3.3: Description of the data base for the pan European inventory on disasters
  • Del 3.4: Pan European inventory of events/disasters incl. business models


Development of the pan-European inventory of events/disasters – Key steps:

  • Investigation of existing databases for disaster management suitable for EPISECC purposes
  • Identification of fields of information transformed into templates as a pre-step to the inventory and data base
  • Definition of technical (public access, security, hardware, database server) and legal requirements (processing personal data, confidentiality) for the inventory
  • Identification of inventory components: (a) Disasters, (b) Organisations, processes, measures and used standards and (c) Interoperability
  • Selection of Emikat framework used for data acquisition, data representation and data analysis to fill in the inventory with relevant information
  • Consultation of selected crisis and disaster management stakeholders on their needs for the content of the inventory
  • Definition of the user interface of the questionnaire
  • Finalization of online questionnaire allowing interactive interview of stakeholders
  • Development of key indicators for interoperability
  • Completion of interviews with disaster management stakeholders
  • Evaluation of inventory to extract relevant information for improving disaster management

Basic inventory framework