Workplan and methodology

The project's overall duration is planning with 3 years, whereupon most of the operative task should be done in the first 2 years, the third year is mainly reserved for dissemination, standardisation and exploitation activities.

We have structured the project into 9 Work-packages.

All of the activities are conducted by quality assurance and by the reviewing on ethical, social and legal aspects.

The following pictures shows all work packages and their neighbourhoods and relations:


The project will start with literature phase collecting as much as possible of the state of the art by analysing the crisis management approaches applied in EU member states and beyond.

In parallel we will design the architecture of the pan European inventory. This includes the design of a questionnaire and of the strategy of covering almost all big disasters in Europe of the last 10 years.

The WP4 and WP5 should be started with preliminary data from inventory. At the end of WP3 (Inventory) the final information will be included in WP4 and WP5.

At Milestone M2 the design of the "Proof of Concept" will be started with the preliminary concept of taxonomy and common information space.

The Proof of concept will be performed in 2 cycles:

  • The first cycle should help to get feedback from end users and to include these results in a improved Taxonomy and Concept of common information space.
  • The results of the second cycle of Proof of concept will be included in a final version of the Taxonomy and Architecture of information space.

Standardisation activities will be initiated in the beginnig of the second year and will last until the end of the project.