EPISECC Exhibited at CCExpo in Berlin

The annual Critical Communications Expo (CCExpo) was held this year on 6th and 7th October in Berlin. The Expo presents an opportunity for experts in critical communications and critical infrastructure at both national and international level to come together to discuss recent developments in the field, listen to interesting presentations, and exchange information and best practices. The target audience of the Expo includes project and system managers, developers, procurement officers, technicians, trainers, and end-users of information and technologies in critical communications.

This year, PSCE (Public Safety Communication Europe), the leader of dissemination activities in the EPISECC project, attended CCExpo to raise awareness of the project. PSCE had a booth at CCExpo and used the opportunity to display and hand out the EPISECC brochures and make valuable contacts with interested stakeholders. Professionals from several European countries, as well as the USA, approached the PSCE / EPISECC booth with great interest in the project. The contacts gained during CCExpo will be retained for future use throughout the project in order to keep interested stakeholders up to date with the developments in EPISECC and to involve them in EPISECC as much as possible.