A Methodology to Analyze Interoperability in Crisis and Disaster Management (IDIMT conference, Sept. 2015)

Interoperability of stakeholders is an imperative requirement of nowadays crisis and disaster management. Within the European Commission funded FP7 project EPISECC a concept of a common information space is developed in order to assist in the improvement of the European crisis and disaster management. A basis of the development of such an information space is the profound analysis of the management of past disasters with specific focus on interoperability and efficiency of applied processes. In order to perform such an analysis an inventory on the management of selected past disasters was developed. The information for the inventory is obtained by systematic expert interviews using online questionnaires. Multiple crisis and disaster managers that are active nationally, internationally or on both levels are interviewed in order to obtain the required information. The methodology behind this inventory is described in the frame of this paper.

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Georg Neubauer
Alexander Preinerstorfer
Bettina Jager
Heinrich Humer
Gerald Lichtenegger
Wolfgang Vorraber
Harold Linke
Giovanni Tusa
Roman Gruener
Carsten Dalaff
Kristin Huebner
Snjezana Knezic
Manfred Blaha
IDIMT 2015-Interdisciplinary Information Management Talks