Co-Operation in Managing the Migration Flow in Austria 2015 AND 2016 (IDIMT Conference,Sept.2017)

In 2015 the migration movements reached an unprecedented peak in several European countries such as Austria since the period after World War II. Involved stakeholders such as national authorities or NGOs were overstrained with the number of displaced persons reaching their borders. Limited information exchange and insulated operational pictures turned out to be major challenges of involved authorities, NGOs and grassroots movements. This paper provides relevant basic insight into the development of migration movements since 2010 and analyses the requirements for different types of stakeholders from Austria and Germany expressed in order to improve future management of refugee flows.

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Georg Neubauer
Daniel Auferbauer
Alexander Preinerstorfer
Gerald Lichtenegger
Karin Rainer
Ronald Nippold
IDIMT 2017 (conference, Sept. 2017)