Learning from past Disasters to improve Crisis Management (Future Security Conference, Sept. 2016)

In the event of a disaster the coordinated response of emergency services is crucial for saving lives and protecting critical infrastructure. Efficient communication and access to relevant information are essential elements in the immediate aftermath and all phases of the crisis management cycle to maintain public safety. As part of the European Commission funded FP7 project EPISECC (Establish Pan-European Information Space to Enhance Security of Citizens), an inventory of past disasters and critical events was developed. Information was obtained by systematic interviews with experts active in the field of crisis and disaster management on both national and international level. They represent organisations such as first responders, emergency services and civil protection offices from 15 EU (European Union) countries. The paper will outline several aspects such as the quality of information exchange between crisis managers and the analysis of key recommendations for improvement identified during the management of past disasters.

Keywords: Crisis and Disaster Management, Critical Infrastructure, Emergency Services, Cross-Border Cooperation

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Roman GrĂ¼ner
Carsten Dalaff
Georg Neubauer
Alexander Preinerstorfer
Gerald Lichtenegger
Wolfgang Vorraber
Uberto Delprato
11th Future Security, Berlin