PSCE-EPISECC/Announcement of the ELSI workshop

Register Now for the EPISECC Workshop on ELSI at PSCE Conference
At the eve of the next PSCE conference on May 17, 2016 in Brussels, EPISECC will co-organise a Workshop on Ethical, Legal, Social Issues (ELSI) in PPDR Networked Information Exchange. The EPISECC workshop will be immediately followed by PSCE conference on the following days (18-19 May).
Entitled “Mobile, Networked, Collaborative PPDR: How to Make IT Good?”, the joint workshop will bring together participants from emergency response agencies, academia, legal practice, humanitarian response, volunteer and technical communities, technology development, and policy and standardisation bodies. The aim of the workshop is to explore how ethical, legal and social challenges and opportunities can be addressed through creative design of IT networked PPDR. These issues will be addressed from a practical multidisciplinary perspective, with the end goal of creating new possibilities for productive collaborations and ways of approaching interoperability through European values of equality, liberty and solidarity.
Topics discussed during the workshop will include:
- ELSI in future communication networks (e.g. ownership of infrastructure)
- ELSI for PPDR professionals and organisation (e.g. new forms of psychological pressure, accountability and liability, challenges of translating awareness of ELSI into practice, such as enacting respect for the vulnerable in the use body worn video)
- ELSI in data (e.g. data quality and meaning, social sorting, how to understand how one is “being read”)
- Methodologies of addressing ELSI proactively (e.g. Privacy Impact Assessment, Ethical Impact Assessment, collaborative design, value sensitive design, digital ethics)
- Designing and implementing ELSI-aware innovation (e.g. support for accountable datamining, informational self-determination, trust)
- ELSI in new partnerships (e.g. who to include, who to exclude, how to negotiate different interests and perspectives)
ICT systems used for PPDR often encounter series of ethical, legal and social issues (ELSI), alongside the technical challenges. ELSI includes factors such as privacy, liability, accountability, social practices of sharing and controlling information, trusting people, organisations and technologies, dealing with issues around the relevance and quality of information, information overload, the immediacy of transfer (e.g. of distressing images), and digital divides. ELSI are oftentimes seen either as constraints for innovation or as subject to exceptions. Awareness that ELSI are an inescapable, integral aspect of all technology design is growing, but there is still a lack of proactive approaches and there are serious challenges in translating awareness of ELSI into social, technical and socio-technical innovation.
More information about the Workshop is available here.
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Register Now for the EPISECC Joint Session on Dynamic Information Sharing
During the next PSCE Conference, to be held 18th and 19th May 2016 in Brussels, EPISECC, jointly with other current EU-funded project in crisis management will host a discussion session on dynamic information sharing.
The session, organised and held jointly be EPISECC, REDIRNET, SECTOR and SECINCORE projects, will look at the lessons that can be learned from past events, how language barriers can be dealt with, and how standardisation can help in fostering information sharing.
PSCE is a key partner in the EPISECC project and hosts biannual conferences, where important public safety communication issues and crisis management are discussed.
More information about the PSCE Conference is available here:
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