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Joined session of EPISECC, REDIRENET, SECTOR and SECINCORE projects at PSCE Conference in Brussels

Four current EU-funded projects active in emergency management – EPISECC, REDIRNET, SECTOR and SECINCORE – participated at the recent PSCE Conference, taking place on 18th and 19th May in Brussels, and hosted a joint session entitled “Dynamic Information Sharing”. The session focused on topics related to information sharing, language barriers and standardisation.

The Role of Private Companies in Disaster Recovery

A recent study has shown that, when governments themselves cannot finance the recovery costs after an unexpected high-magnitude disaster, businesses can, and have, stepped in to fill the financial gap. Companies have been able to serve as a critical and effective stopgap in the aftermath of unexpected disasters in nations whose vulnerability is often underestimated, namely, countries that are normally seen as advanced and able to fend for themselves.

PSCE-EPISECC/Announcement of the ELSI workshop

Register Now for the EPISECC Workshop on ELSI at PSCE Conference
At the eve of the next PSCE conference on May 17, 2016 in Brussels, EPISECC will co-organise a Workshop on Ethical, Legal, Social Issues (ELSI) in PPDR Networked Information Exchange. The EPISECC workshop will be immediately followed by PSCE conference on the following days (18-19 May).

The application of the General Data Protection Regulation

Lina Jasmontaite presented results from EPISECC at the Computers, Privacy & Data Protection Know Right Conference (
The presentation is available under:

Science of Flooding Explained at Briefing at Lancaster University

At the beginning of January, Lancaster University’s Centre for Ecology & Hydrology hosted a briefing on the science of flooding, presenting journalists and interested stakeholders to question flood science experts. The Centre of Ecology & Hydrology is one of the largest hydrological research centres in the UK, with broad experience in the area of flood research.
Several interesting conclusions were drawn at the end of the day. Of these, the most notable are listed below.
- Heavy rainfall and snow are the drivers of flooding;

INFORM Report on Disaster Risk Published

The INFORM 2016 report, collecting information on risk of disasters around the world, has recently been published. The report includes data from 191 nations.
INFORM is a fully open-source and transparent tool that can help to understand and to assess the risk of humanitarian crises before they happen. The information collected in the report is freely available to anyone interested and can be used by policy and decision makers to make better decisions regarding prevention, preparedness and response.


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