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EPISECC participates in the Information Infrastructuring Workshop

On 26 January, the EU FP7 projects EPISECC, SecInCoRe, SECTOR, and REDIRNET, in association with the University of Lancaster, the Centre for Mobilities research and PSCE organized a workshop on Information Infrastructuring under the auspices of the 9th Computers, Privacy and Data Protection (CPDP) conference.

White Paper Consultation & Workshop

EPISECC is currently working alongside the SecInCoRe, SECTOR and REDIRNET Projects and with the participation of PSCE to develop online ELSI Guidelines and a white paper on “Common Information Spaces” for disaster risk management.

Georg Neubauer presents EPISECC at the PSCE Conference in Athens

During the second day of PSCE Conference in Athens on 24 November 2016, under the focus “Lessons learned from the migration crisis, a practitioner’s perspective”, Mr. Georg Neubauer (Austrian Institute of Technology), as coordinator, presented the EU funded project EPISECC. He referred to the recent migration and refugee crisis. He added that it has created challenges for the Member States in particular due to the lack of information exchange. He commented that Austria had requested more operation information as well as information on the exact location of the refugee wave.

EPISECC performs a successful Dry Run exercise in Vienna!

From 27 to 30 November, the EPISECC project partners met in Vienna together with the members of the Advisory Board (AB) to prepare, perform and evaluate a Dry Run exercise of the Proof of Concept.
The Dry Run simulated an earthquake at the borders between Italy and Slovenia and demonstrated the different steps needed to make use of the CIS and mobilise cross-border capacities.

EPISECC presented at EnviroInfo 2016 in Berlin

On 15 September 2016, Gerhard Zuba (Frequentis) presented the EPISECC paper entitled “Defining data ownership in disaster management” at the EnviroInfo 2016 conference in Berlin. The presentation addressed the following aspects:

1. Defining data flows and design process in the EPISECC: Why is it important?
2. Information inventory and a data mapping exercise
3. Common Information Space: EPISECC Approach
4. Common Information Space and its objectives

EPISECC presentation during TEMU 2016

This week the International Conference on Telecommunications & Multimedia (TEMU, took place on Crete, Greece. TEMU is a bi-annual conference and during this edition, one day of the conference, 27 July, was dedicated to a workshop organized by the EMYNOS ( project: Next Generation Emergency Services.


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